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We enjoy ourselves too

Our rehearsals take place each Monday evening in Aughton Village Hall at 7.30pm (and 8pm every second Monday of the month)

Here are some pictures of the choir at rehearsal in Aughton Village Hall.

Here our Music Director, Andrew Lord is rehearsing the choir in a piece from our repertoire, if you follow this link,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAbWSfUD41A you can hear the rehearsal of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserable.

You don't have to be able to read music, but if you do, it's a bonus. Most members do not read music, and learn their parts and words through reheasals and by listening to training tracks for new pieces.

This picture was taken on our last recruitment evening and includes an additional 15 members who joined the choir in February 2015

When you drop into one of our rehearsals we will sit you with one of our more experienced members who will help you through the rehearsal, and if you decide to come back, will help you to learn the music and the words of our repertoire.

After you have been attending rehearsals for a few weeks, our Director of Music will play some scales and ask you to follow them to assess your voice range.  We do this to help you to decide whether your voice is tenor, baritone or bass, so you can sing in the part of the choir that suits your voice most.  Passing this voice test is the final step to joining the choir as a member.

Enjoy a cup of tea with us during a break in rehearsals when members can catch up on news and check some of the finer points of the music we are rehearsing

When you join the choir we will encourage you to sing in concerts when you feel ready.

Some new members are able to join the choir in performances within a month or so, others may take longer.

We do perform at concerts from memory. It's the best way of getting the best performance out of the choir. However, to help new members to gain experience of  concert singing as soon as possible they may bring their music to concerts in a folder and sing within the body of the choir.

Members relaxing and enjoying a chat during a half time break at a concert

We enjoy singing and performing at concerts and help voluntary, community and church groups to raise much needed funds. Its good fun, and enjoyable.

Between rehearsals with La Boite a Chanson in Cergy Pontoise and our joint concert with them in 2015, we enjoyed some amazing French hospitality and friendship

Choir Train around Rouen in October 2014

And our family and friends have a great time too visiting the Palace of Versaille and Monet's Garden!

Pop into reheasals one Monday evening and chat to us about the choir contact our Secretary via the email form, and have a chat with him about the choir and arrange to pop down to one of our rehearsals or listen to us at one of our concerts.