Joining Us

Aughton Male Voice Choir welcomes all members who love to sing and commit to learning their words and music. We are volunteers but we do aim to perform professionally at all concerts. It is not essential to be able to read music as you will be encouraged and supported to learn the music and words and, in time, sing from memory at concerts.

During your first visit to our rehearsals the committee will introduce you to an experienced member of the choir who will help and support you during your early months with the choir. They know the pieces we sing and will act as your “music mentor.” They are there to be helpful at rehearsals and support your learning of the current repertoire. By listening to them singing, you will quickly master your “parts” and be encouraged to sing at your first concert as soon as possible.

After a few weeks coming to rehearsals we will arrange for you to listen to some notes played on the piano and ask you to repeat them. The purpose of this assessment is to check that you are in the most appropriate section for your vocal range (we are a four part male voice choir consisting of top tenor, second tenor, baritone and bass), and that you can learn by listening and repeating your “part” when you sing.